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            Welcome to the official website of Stronkin Electronics Co.,LTD.

            Customer Support

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              The right and following-up after-sales service is a key to ensure the smooth and continuous usage of our products. Stronkin is continuously investing .We are continuously investing in service equipments and manpower training. There are so many highly qualified and experienced service engineers and experts based all over China, …all of above ensure outstanding services to our customers.

            Stronkin Electronics Co.,LTD.

            Address:No.189, Youyigang Road, Port Economic Zone, Gaogang District,Taizhou City,Jiangsu Province  

            Telephone:+86-523-86960091  Fax:+86-523-86964938

            Email: sales@stronkin.com  Postcode:225321

            Recruitment Hotline:+86-523-86900020 +86-523-86907911 Recruiting contacts:Mr JU & Miss Wang

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